Staying Healthy Physically and Spiritually

I have a confession to make: 


I have this really weird habit when I go grocery shopping of looking into other people’s carts to see if they are eating healthy.  


I wasn’t always this way.  Seventeen years ago I became sick, really sick.  I was never a junk food eater, but in order to get well again, it was a long, hard road.  Part of that road was to take all sugar out of my diet and by all sugar I mean exactly that!!  (I couldn’t even have ketchup because it contained sugar).  I took out all dairy products and all grains except for rice, potato and spelt.  I think because I had to eat healthy and organic it made me start to look at what other people ate.   Today I eat pretty much a normal diet, but I still have this habit of watching what other people consume.  


It is a well-known fact that “we are what we eat”.   Being involved in the medical field at one time and being married to a family physician, I have seen first hand what bad eating can do to someone.    Eating frozen foods, processed foods, and drinking sugary drinks and sodas may taste good today, and some may even think they are “getting away with it”, but it WILL hurt you tomorrow.   It will hurt you by causing diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and heart disease to name a few.  All these things can and do often times lead to an early death.  


The same is true with our spiritual lives.   Not only do we consist of a body, which we need to take physical care of, but we also have a soul and a spirit.  Our soul is the part of us that “makes us who we are”.  It’s our personality and our feelings, mind, will, emotion - -  or our “inner self”.   Our spirit is the part of us that connects with God.  It is the most important but also the most ignored.     When we don’t take care of our spiritual self, our entire being suffers greatly. 


What is in your “spiritual cart”?   Are you hanging with a friend whom you know will pull you the wrong way?   Are you watching that television program that you know is of no benefit to you?   Are you conforming or agreeing with the ways of the world…. thinking that it really won’t hurt you?  Guess what?!  What you eat or consume today WILL eventually catch up with you.   Likewise,  what you are doing today WILL affect your spiritual life.   


I have one more confession to make: 


For many years I enjoyed watching the soap opera “Days of Our Lives”. 


It came about when I was pregnant 19-years-ago and I had to go home half way through my workday and rest.  I would eat lunch, kick back, and watch television and being 1:00 pm that is what I got interested in.   So for years I watched this show.   I continued this for YEARS - until - my Pastor called for a fast and I thought about what I could give up.  I gave up watching this program.  At first I missed it, and later I realized that I was spending more time in the Word of God because I had an hour each day that I didn’t have before.   Something happened inside my heart during this time and I love what it was!!! I gave something up that was definitely worldly and in doing so I became more in love with God.  He placed within my heart a desire to KNOW Him MORE and spend MORE time with Him.      


1 John 2:15 says, “Do not love the world or the things in the world.  If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him”.  For me, this verse has taken on new meaning because I can see how turning away from something “worldly” has made me become more “in love” with my Father in heaven. 


Is there something that you can give up for Him?…. something worldly that is taking your time?   I have found that time spent with Jesus, is like fruit and vegetables to the spirit.  God's Word will strengthen you, guide you, sustain you, and nourish you more than anything else can.