Victory Is The Outcome

READ:   Psalm 59:9-10 You are my strength; I wait for you to rescue me, for you, O God, are my fortress.  In His unfailing love, my God will stand with me.  He will let me look down in triumph on all my enemies.   

Do you ever feel like the enemy is chasing you?    In this particular Psalm David was being pursued by Saul.  We can learn a lot from David in this Psalm because even though he was being chased by his enemy, he knew that God was his strength and God would rescue him.  

The Bible tells us that satan roams about as a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour.   Does it feel like he is seeking you?   If you are serving God - more than likely you have many times where you feel you are being sought after by the enemy.  But remember YOU ARE ON THE WINNING SIDE.   Satan has already been defeated by Jesus, he just likes to act as if you don't remember this.   

Verse 10 tells us that Our God Will Let Us Look Down In Triumph On All Our Enemies!   


You have been given the authority through Christ Jesus to tell satan that he is defeated and he cannot touch you or your family. Take a stand against him because the BATTLE was won at calvary - it's paid for, done, and complete.    

Thank you Jesus!  My victory is in YOU and YOU ALONE!!

Live today in confidence - satan is defeated - the victory is yours!