Don't Stay Angry


READ:  Ephesians 4:26-27 If you become angry, do not let your anger lead you into sin, and do not stay angry all day. Don't give the devil a chance (foothold).  

Paul gave us a very good warning in Ephesians chapter 4.  He was talking about anger and giving a stern warning.  

He said, "If you become angry - do not let the anger you feel lead you to sin".   How exactly would this happen?    This would happen when we can't LET GO of something.   We hold onto our anger to the point that it simmers all day and we don't quench the flames and put it out.   When this happens Paul said it give the devil a foothold in our life --- and the devil LOVES footholds.    

We can look at 3 men in the Bible who became angry and the outcomes were costly! 

Genesis 4:  we find Cain angry with his brother, Abel.   Abel's sacrifice please the Lord more than his own.   He became SO ANGRY at Abel that he killed him! 

Numbers 20:   Moses lost his temper and struck the rock twice even though God had told him to simply speak to the rock. That act of anger cost Moses dearly as he wasn't the one to enter the Promised Land - the land flowing with milk and honey, but instead Joshua was given that privilege. 

Numbers 22:   Balaam got really angry at his donkey.  When he beat the donkey, the donkey ended up slamming Balaam's foot against a wall.   

don’t hold onto anger!

The outcome of HOLDING ONTO ANGER is never a good one - it gives satan a chance to come into your life and mess with you and your family.  It's like an open invitation to him!   

Dear Jesus - Help me to not hold onto things that get me angry. Help me to be filled with the fruits of your spirit - and in particular SELF-CONTROL.    I love you and desire to be more like you each and ever day.  Amen & Amen.