I Will Put My Trust In You


READ:  Matthew 6:26-27  Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?  Can all your worries add a single moment to your life?

I stood in church as our worship team led us in "Build My Life" by Housefires.  The Spirit of the Lord was so strong that tears poured down my face.   My family has been going through a trial that began just before Christmas when my dad found large lumps on the side of his neck.   I have felt the weight of trying to make sure he gets his appointments scheduled properly for biopsies, surgery, tests, and different doctors that I didn't realize I was trying to handle this all in my own strength.   I know God is taking care of my dad - but I came to the realization, as tears poured down my face, that I CAN ACTUALLY TRUST HIM to take care of my dad and my family.   

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I stood there and thought about how my mom shared with me that there are two little birds living in a birdhouse in their back yard.   (First winter this ever happened).   Anyone that lives in Pennsylvania knows we have had a horrible cold spell the last few weeks.    These little birds are surviving just fine - God is taking care of them.  As I stood in church - my mind went to the verse in Matthew, chapter 6 where Jesus is telling us how the Heavenly Father feeds the birds, but He goes further and says how much more valuable we are to Him than the birds!!!     

I repented of trying to do things on my own and finally stood and sang the song with all my heart - knowing with a deep understanding that my father would be taken care of by my heavenly father and I can totally put my faith and trust in Him.    

What about you?   Are you facing something that you are trying to handle on your own? Sometimes it can be very difficult to walk in our own strength.  It feels so much better to have Jesus carry us.      Put your trust in Him - for He can be trusted!!!    

I will build my life upon your love
it is a firm foundation
I will put my trust in you alone
and I will not be shaken