Spiritual Dryness

READ:  Psalm 63:1  O God, thou art my God; earnestly will I seek thee: My soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee, In a dry and weary land, where no water is.

If you all are like me - you love the green grass, beautiful flowers, and anticipation of the garden vegetables that spring time brings.    None of this would be possible without our April showers (or winter snows) to water the earth.     Nothing really does well when the drought comes!  

What about when a spiritual drought comes?    A spiritual drought may look differently for each person but it could consist of not feeling motivated to read the Bible, or pray.  Maybe not even feeling the holy spirit move.   Burdens, stresses and even sicknesses are pressing in and you feel like you are struggling to hear from God or feel connected to Him in anyway.     

For all of us - these times can come.  I think it's because we live such a fast-paced, stressful life.     Just how do we overcome this? 

1.  Read the Word of God - even if you don't "feel like it".  As Christians we don't walk by what we feel - we walk by faith.    We press forward, to fight the good fight but in order to do this we NEED the Word of God.  Continually not reading the Word will set us up for spiritual dryness. 


2.  Fellowship with other believers -   There is nothing like being surrounded by like-minded believers.    Their support and love can many times help to lift you out of a dry time.   Making it known what you are going through is important too, because your fellow believers will PRAY and PRAYER is powerful. 

3.  Sing praises to God -    Music can lift you up in ways that often times other things just can't.  Music can bring us to tears or make us laugh deeply, and God often uses it to touch the very heart of us.    Put some praise music on, lift your hands, and sing to Jesus with all your heart.  Spiritual dryness will be gone! 

4. PRAY -   God wants to hear how you feel, and what you are going through. Sure he knows - he is all-knowing,  but a relationship is strong when there is a two way conversation - talk to Him about it all..... 


Press into God by reading His Word, fellowshipping with believers, singing songs of praise and praying!    Spiritual dryness will flee from you.  

***If you need prayer  - don't hesitate to email me and I will pray for you or with you***