Today Is Your Day

Bible Reading:   2 Corinthians 5:6

“At just the right time, I heard you.
    On the day of salvation, I helped you."

Indeed, the “right time” is now. Today is the day of salvation.

I will never forget the day I announced to my mom as a little girl that I was going to walk to my grandfather's house (who lived 2 houses away from us) and invite him to church.   I must have rehearsed my words a dozen times in my mind as I walked that well-worn path to their home from ours.    My grandfather was a hard man who didn't hesitate to use a curse word in every sentence even when his granddaughters were in his presence.  In some ways I was afraid of him, but in others ways I knew he loved me and thought he wouldn't possibly say no.... even so my nerves were working overtime.    I walked into their kitchen and visited with grandma for a while.   Then I proceeded into the living room where grandpap was sitting on his normal spot on the couch.   I talked with him for a while and then I dropped the question.  I told him we were having a special service and wanted to ask him to come along with us.     As I waited for his reply, I can still remember the way my heart was beating....  or rather racing.        His reply was, "oh honey, if I walked into a church, the walls would cave in".      I could see regret inside of his eyes, but in his mind the sins he had committed were too strong to believe that the GRACE of GOD was bigger.   

As I grew older I visited an uncle in the hospital and talked to him about Jesus.  Again, I could see that same look in his eyes.    The idea that the life he had lived and the sins he had committed were too large and too bad to be forgiven.   

I want you to know that nothing you have ever done is too bad or too big to be forgiven. It is people that put levels on sins.  We say things like, "it was just a little white lie" or "everyone does it".  But when it comes to a drunkard, murderer, or homosexual - we somehow say they are BIG SINS.      When Jesus died on the cross - he did that for YOU.    God knows all things and he knew that 2000 years later you would be born.  He knew you would do shamefully bad things.  He knew that that sin would separate you from a relationship with God.    He knew this because He knows ALL THINGS.      He sent Jesus with a mission and a purpose.  That mission was to make a way of forgiveness for ALL PEOPLE and for ALL THINGS.      

What is it that you feel is too bad to receive the forgiveness of God?   Jesus' blood will cleanse ever stain that sin has left.  There is POWER, WONDER-WORKING POWER in the blood of Jesus Christ.    The Word of God tells us that TODAY is the day of salvation.   When you feel God tugging at your heart, TODAY is THE DAY - IT'S RIGHT NOW!   

If you are not certain that you are born-again child of God - and you want to be sure - today is your day.  I would love to pray with you.   Please send an email to and I will get ahold of you.   You can know for sure THIS DAY that you are His!